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a reluctant grown-up

6 May
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1950's, al hansen, alberto vargas, alfred hitchcock, animation, ansel adams, anthropology, archaeology, art spiegelman, artistic tendencies, assemblage, atcs, b-movies, beatnik culture, beck, black and white photography, books, box cameras, buddy holly, cacti, canadian film, cannibal! the musical, carnivorous plants, cartoons, citizen kane, civilization, classic cars, classic movies, coffee, collecting, comics, cooking, criminology, cult films, daniel clowes, david cross, degus, devil ducks, devileye.net, directing, drive-in theaters, ephemera, exotic plants, film, film noir, filmmaking, flea markets, fluxus, forensic anthropology, forensics, frank sinatra, futurama, gardening, ghost world, gil elvgren, grace kelly, graphic novels, h.g. wells, hallowe'en, hard core logo, hedgehogs, herbs, holga, houseplants, hugh dillon redemption choir, iguanas, independent film, independent publishing, indiana jones, iron chef, isaac asimov, j.d. salinger, jack kerouac, james dean, johnny the homicidal maniac, joseph cornell, junk hunting, kids in the hall, kitsch, last unicorn, law & order, lenore, leopard print, marilyn monroe, martini, martini glasses, martinis, mint tea, mixed media, monster movies, movies, mr. show, music, myself, nature photography, nervousness.org, neuroism.net, nightmare before christmas, old sci-fi movies, orson welles, photography, picasso, pin up art, pin up girls, pin up photography, plant photography, plants, polaroid, popcorn, procrastination, psychobilly, punk, quantum leap, radio plays, reverend horton heat, rock n roll, rockabilly, royal crown revue, sarcasm, sci-fi, screeching weasel, social distortion, south park, squee, stand-up comedy, succulents, tag art, talky tiki, tattoos, tea, television, the headstones, the queers, the simpsons, the tick, tiki, tilt, tim burton, toy cameras, trey parker, vincent price, vintage clothing, war of the worlds, writin, zines